BXB|Conference System – Table-top Chairman Unit with LCD Display|FCS-6315


Concealed Voting Interface

2 x 24 Digit LCD Monitor

Built-in High Quality Loudspeaker

2 Sets of Ø 3.5mm Audio Output Sockets



2 x 24 Digit LCD Monitor

Display meeting operation modes and information about the speaker

Built-in High Quality Loudspeaker

You don’t need to install extra loudspeakers in the meeting room but can still enjoy clear and crisp sound.  Moreover, the built-in loudspeaker would become mute automatically as the unit is activated.  It effectively avoids the feedback.

Concealed Voting Interface

Equipped with 5 pieces of voting buttons.  You can use BXB’s graphical software to implement voting functions.

2 Sets of Ø3.5mm Audio Output Sockets

One set is for earphone plug-in; one is for connecting with recording equipment.  The earphone volume can be adjusted directly from the unit.


Equipped with DSP chip: sensitivity adjustment for each microphone.

Equipped with 2 x 24 digit LCD display to show operation modes and speaking statuses.

Equipped with built-in 2.5” x 1.5” HI FI speaker. When the microphone is on, the loudspeaker would be auto-off to avoid sound feedback.

With built-in voting interface with five buttons in the lid. It can operate with BXB’s graphical control software to do voting function.

Equipped with 2 sets of Ø3.5mm recording plugs. Attendees can connect recording equipment as well as the earphone.

There’s no limitation of chairman unit’s quantity. You can also randomly put the chairman unit with any sequence.