BXB|Multimedia IP PA System|ICP-5100

The initial design concept is microprocessor-based.

It only takes “One second” to execute the system.

It has a very stable system structure because it is hardware-based, the graphical control software is auxiliary. Once the software controller is ailed or shut down, it doesn’t affect the system operating.




ICP-5100 applies IoT, big data, video streaming, and cloud technology to realize multimedia public addressing, security, environmental control, video intercom and more functions. It’s a great solution for schools, department stores, factories, airports, train stations, hotels, emergency command centers and even the large-scale smart city.

ICP-5100 solution applies the concept of AV IoT; each space is equipped with a subsystem which can operate individually. When message announcement or equipment control are required, the operations can be centralized.Another core technique is AV streaming with the standard TCP/IP protocol. It enables the system to transmit/receive multi-channel AV sources simultaneously with low latency.

Due to the excellent performance of BXB’s AV signal processing, presently many schools have applied BXB’s system with the purpose of English listening comprehension learning and exam. The system can play back different teaching materials to different grades at the same time. The splendid video quality and outstanding sound performance ensure student’s learning efficacy. The featured low-latency makes the exam be carried out with equity.

With the integration of AV streaming and IoT management technique, the school can execute scheduling and control the power smartly and automatically. For instance, the system can turn on the LCD monitor and play back the multimedia materials without manual operation; it can also auto-adjust the temprature and ventilate the classroom based on the sensor. Via the integration with the government’s open data, the information of disaster warning, air quality, weather condition, and bus arrival can be easily displayed. In sum, BXB’s ICP-5100 solution can realize scheduling, paging, multimedia teaching, power control, security, disaster warning, and information display. Among the local/oversea market, this is the only one system which can totally achieve all of these functions. Thus, we have abundant installation performances with high value and opinion.

 System Information

Video, audio, and control signals are transmitted via only one network cable with standard TCP/IP.

Equipped with Chinese/English graphical control interface, facilitating editing and operation.

Able to control the max. of 700 zones and 70 groups. You can set the zone arrangement based on the actual building/area distribution.

Scheduling and auto-broadcasting without manual control: used for the announcement of time, daily routine, audio & video messages, and special event promotion. The broadcasting modes and files can be set in advance. It also provides 15 lists of schedule for random editing and adjustment.

Various modes of audio & video play and image display: you can also edit the start and end part of the video, set groups for the files, and adjust the volume to adapt with various broadcasting requirements.

System can play 9 groups of music, texts, and videos to 9 different zones at the same time.

Supports smart phone PA: BXB provides APP for mobile phone broadcasting, wireless streaming broadcasting, and TTS broadcasting.

Equipped with remote-detecting function for checking the decoder’s status. When any IP decoders, LCD monitors, or network are out of work, the server would receive the cue for quick solutions.

Extendable for integrating with audio & video equipments such as TV and projectors with RS-232/infrared control interface for remote controlling. Simultaneous audio & video broadcasting (1080p) and text broadcasting (silent broadcasting) can be easily executed.

Structural Components

TCP/IP network control: transmit video and control signals via internet.

Scheduling & auto-broadcasting without manual control: schedule hourly chime, daily routine, and special event promotion in advance; the system would execute broadcasting automatically and announce the messages to the monitors, digital signage, and electronic marquee on site.

Multi-channel play: transmit 9 different sources (audio, text, video) to different zones at the same time. It’s ideal for the multimedia teaching and exam at school.

Mobile & remote control: use APP to execute broadcasting with telephone, VoIP, and TTS mode, greatly enhancing the security and command efficacy.

Built-in dual network card: connect to the LAN and extranet simultaneously, convenient and efficient.

Equipped with a service button: press the button when the system has unusual conditions. The system would transmit the user’s information and system’s condition back to BXB’s headquarter. It efficiently realizes remote troubleshooting.

400G storage capacity.

Interconnects with ICP-3151 Control Keyboard and ICP-5180 Central Control Unit for IP network PA.

Equipped with internal line PA interface: users can broadcast with any extension phone within IP PBX.

Equipped with external line PA interface: users can do remote audio PA via telephone or mobile phone with the fixed line.

Built in USB two-way audio decoder: via ICP-5180 Central Control Unit, it can execute music playback, broadcasting, recording, and intercommunication.

Code the multimedia files into IP streaming signals.

Support TCP/IP standard protocol and apply 64bit CPU.

Support 1080p Full-HD video coding.

Scalable for the connection with 8 units to play 8-channel audio and video files at the same time.

Support video format: avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, mts, mov, rmvb, mp4.

Support picture format: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png.

Support audio format: mp3, wav, wma, aac, ac3.

Collect and manage all the equipments via network exchange and execute audio/video matrix play.

Connect with ICP-5180 Central Control Unit for playing 1080p video with digital IP packet transmission. The transmission distance can reach 100M and it supports connecting with switches for distance extension.

Provide 24 sets of 10/100/1000M bps LAN ports and 4 sets of Combo optical fiber modules; the connection can reach 10 miles.

Work with the graphical control software to auto-recognize the connected receivers (IP decoders), transmitters (various converters), serial ports (network switches), and PCs. It can manage over 255 sets of receivers/transmitters.

Equipped with network traffic control: set the bandwidth limit to each port and user’s IP.

Plug-and-play without installing any software or driver.

Metal texture for cooling without equipping any fan.

Built-in Class-D amplifier; the energy-conversion efficiency can reach 90%.

The image, audio, and control signals are transmitted via IP mode. The transmission distance can reach 100M.

Circuit-protection design: equipped with thundering prevention mechanism and WATCH DOG to avoid circuit crashing.

Support various security and emergency call equipments: equipped with programmable N.O and N.C connector for door access, alarming, and two-way intercom devices.

Easily integrate with sound amplification: equipped with 1 set of digital connector that enables teaching microphone and computer be inputted to the pre-panel. The audio signals can be mixed with the PA signal. Administrators can also remote-control the loudspeaker’s volume of the classroom via this decoder.

Suitable Locations



Intuitive control panel: all the actions and system statuses can be clearly shown on the panel.

Equipped with 70 keys for single-zone PA and 10 keys for group PA. The bottom of each key has a space for labeling, quickly recognizing each zone’s name. It avoids the inconvenience of human memory and note-taking.

Each key is equipped with 3-color LED indicator (green/orange/red). Each color individually indicates the present operation status: 1) PA; 2) two-way intercom and emergency call; 3) door access. It helps users react in time.

Equipped with a LCD monitor for displaying decoding/communicating signals, telephone broadcasting in-use, volume of Multi-channel Audio Processor, and more settings.

Built-in monitor speaker: as any emergency occurs, the administrator can monitor and hinder the suspect at the first time.

Scalable with the second panel for reaching more than 175 zones and 25 groups.

Connect with DVD players, cameras, PCs, and other video equipment for AV streaming.

Equipped with one HDMI 1.3b input connector to encode 1080p signal to IP streaming signal.

Operate with ICP-5180 Central Control Unit to execute audio & video matrix broadcasting.

Support 480i/p、576i/p、720p、1080i/p resolution.

Able to connect 8 converters to play 8 sets of multimedia files at the same time.

Work with IP Decoder for teaching microphone and audio source plugin and sound amplification.

Offer the plug-in and sound amplification for teaching microphone and general audio sources.

Equipped with digital button for volume control, avoiding the noise caused by the ageing variable resistor.

The design of the pre-mixer module is separated with the post-amplifier. It’s able to be installed in the classroom for easy use and maintenance.

Equipped with 2 sets of RJ45 connectors. Parallel-connection for more pre-panels is feasible.

When any microphone is plugged into the pre-panel, the power would be automatically on; when pulled out, the power would be off.

It should work with ICP-5111 IP decoder and can receive the command from ICP-5180 Central Control Unit to control TV’s power, signal input, and volume.

Support 3 kinds of control signals: RS-232, UART, and infrared rays.

Equipped with a 3-color indicator for showing the status of power and digital transmission/control.

Equipped with 2 sets of infrared control input and 1 set of output connectors. It supports the maximum of 30-set infrared control.

Equipped with 1 set of AC power control plug/8A and electric current detection module for accurately checking the condition of TV’s power.

Equipped with 1 set of RS-232 connector for controlling TVs, projectors, and other equipments.

Via RS-232 control, it can check, detect, report the TV’s operating condition.