Chanstek|Self-Learning Power Sequencer|PX-816IEC


Operation-learning Program

Channel Key Control




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Innovative behaviour learning technology. It revolutionizes previous power control modes. You can freely connect your system, and the subsequent setup is operated according to your needs: it will record your working behaviours as its control modes. Then it will work just as you do.

In addition to behaviour learning control modes, scene control mode can set up on/off programs with principal computer software.

Each channel has independent key switch and status indicator, offering maximal use flexibility. Keyboard pin lock function. This functions to avoid operation errors, for ease of user management.

Substantive intelligent design, with TCP/IP web control and standard RS485 serial CNC interfaces. The open control protocol can meet a third party’s control needs. It also has DC12V output, I/O electric level control, closure contact control, as well as cascade output ports.

All power supplies can be interconnected according to the users’ control needs, either RS485 serial ports or web front-end ports. Besides complete allocation functions, the complement principal computer software is multi-functional. It enables the interconnected power supplies to form a system and therefore achieves a comprehensive control of the system. It can name the devices and power channels in the system and organize them into groups freely. It can program to perform timing control of power devices and every channel, let alone realtime control and monitor of the devices in the system.

Design for heavy current, with 8-channel power supply outputs. 30A relay is used for each channel, which uses 16A all-purpose socket for output. It applies well to high-power use situations.

Air switch and digital voltage meter are configured for an overall unit, with 12.3 KVA design capacity. All these guarantee the power supply safety of the system.

20A cleansing module is available for optional use.

19-inch 1U standard case, with aluminum alloy panels.


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