Front-maintenance LED Video Wall

Pretty radical ratio design is 8:9

Surrounding processing magnetic adsorption loaction

Hight integration signal

Uniform force of metal adsorption surface

TOPCOB Innovative development



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Single cabinet display area is 0.3m² and 10kg weight, visual image is 28.5 inch. exceedingly hight compatibility and support flexible assembly between 4:3 and 16:9 ratio. The new Discovery can be customized according to your requirement, greatly enhanced exquisite imaging performance and visual space ratio then traditional rental products.

The pioneer design of rental products in industry, innovative and divergent thinking, achieved intelligent disassembly and maintenance from front and rear. These creative hardware design individually: modules, power & signal box and frame. Significantly save maintenance costs and ensure the efficiency and stability.

Convenient in installation and adoptable with various environment, such as floor standing, hetero-type stacking, hanging and etc.

TOPCOB Unique Design Patent

Own unique LED surface treatment technology, can achieve high level of anti-collision, anti-water, anti-dust, protecting screen effectively, work properly in corrosive, damp and mist environments.

Patented Anti-moire Mask Technology

Professional LED video wall use high quality black LED lamps to improve contrast and reduce the reflections in black mode. With patented mask technology can reach a perfect contrast ratio and eliminate the moire effect. It’s an ideally solution for broadcasting or applications under cameras.

Easy and Friendly Installation & Maintenance Experience

Unique innovative magnetic fully front maintenance solution, owned original design patent certificate.

Cabinets and modules are separated packed, first install cabinets and then install modules.

Cabinets and modules are wireless connected.

Smart adjust: Unique alignment features ensure the video wall is perfect and seamless, the flatness tolerance of screen is ≤ 0.1mm.

Redundant Power Supply and Signal Backup

Redundant power supply design, dual signal inputs, automatically detecting the failure and switch. ensure the whole system’s stability and reliability.

Seamless Wall-mounted Installation

Fully sealed cabinet structure with IP65 on the back, with water-proof and dust-proof function, prevent air impurities entering the inside cabinet, ensure the protection standard under complex conditions, extend the product lifetime, and saving at least 800mm installation speace.