Linkx|2-Channel Infrared Receiver Amplifier|IRA-300


For classrooms, conference rooms, corporate boardrooms

Secured briefing SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility up to 2500 sq. ft.




The Linkx IRA-300 utilises reliable infrared transmission and is loaded with excellent integration and exceptional versatility. The two infrared wireless microphone receiver channels provide freedom of movement and permit hands free performance. The four auxiliary inputs offer multimedia integration with even distribution of sound for all audio in the classroom and the two separate outputs for assistive listening and recording with active board. It has 5-band equalizer, a 50 watts Class D amplifier and RS-232 functionality which accomplish IRA-300 a full range comprehensive integration device. The IRA-300 also interfaces with other applications and services such as computer, broadcasting system, fire alarm control unit and emergency alert system.


50-Watt Class D power amplifier

4 media inputs for computer, DVD/iPod TM, MP3, auxiliary devices and cable microphone

2 outputs for both assistive listening and audio recording

RS-232 integration.

In the event of fire alarm activation, system is muted simultaneously which allows you clearly hearing the alarm warning

Page override priority with page pass through to classroom speakers

Teacher’s voice priority- Channel A priority

5-band EQ

Emergency / Panic alert – coordinate with emergency alert system (EAS)

Ground loop isolator switch for computer input to eliminate hum noise

Compatible with the Linkx stylish pendant transmitter, T6r, which allows remote volume control of input medias