Linkx|2-Channel Infrared Receiver Amplifier|IRA-500


For classrooms, conference rooms, corporate boardrooms

Secured briefing SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility up to 2500 sq. ft.




The Linkx’s revolutionary IRA-500, the core of the soundfield system, utilises reliable infrared transmission and is designed with excellent integration, multiple functionality and exceptional versatility. The IRA-500 has two infrared wireless receiver channels, multiple inputs and outputs, digital equalizer and a 50 watts Class D amplifier. RS-232 interface is also available for system integration and facilitation external volume control. The IRA-500 interfaces with computer, broadcasting system, and fire alarm control unit.


Excellent feedback suppression

Integrated DSP digital signal processing

User-friendly and programmable operation

Quick setup and easy to read OLED display

2 x 25 watts class D power amplifier

USB codec for audio playback and recording

Fire alarm first priority

Page override priority with page pass through to classroom speakers

Teacher’s voice priority- Channel A priority

RS-232 integration

7-band digital graphic EQ and 17 preset effects- allows user to edit, store and select

Compatible with the Linkx stylish pendant transmitter T6r, which allows remote volume control of input medias

Remote Microsoft PowerPoint control via the T6r Microphone

Multi-language interface