Linkx|Single Channel Infrared Receiver|IR-188


Trouble-free infrared wireless communication is free from outside interference

A perfect solution for same area multi spaces usage. E.g.: KTV boxes, classrooms, court rooms, secure classified briefing areas and etc.




The IR-188 system will expand your multi-media sound system to include voice reinforcement via an infrared wireless microphone. The IR-188 is a pre-amp only receiver and is designed to be plugged into an existing power amplifier or the input of a multi-media sound system. With an IR-188 infrared wireless microphone system, the teacher’s voice will be clearly heard throughout the room with ease. And the auxiliary input on the front panel allows the input of an iPod™, computer, or DVD to supplement the instructional program.


Single channel infrared microphone system for simple operation.

Infrared receiving system with quartz-locked fixed frequency.

Auxiliary audio line input for connectivity to other media such as Computer, TV / VCR, CD / DVD, MP3 and other auxiliary devices.

Balanced (3-pin Phoenix), Unbalanced (RCA).

2 External Sensor Inputs extend receiver’s operating distance.

Offering wall bracket for simple and speedy installation.

RoHS compliance.