Mascot|Dual Channel True Diversity Wireless Vocal System|UXD-200


True-diversity reception Dual Channel Receiver UXD-200

Compatible with UF-61 Handheld Microphone / UT-61 Body-pack Transmitter




What is “True-Diversity”?

A wireless microphone term. A more advanced form of a diversity receiver, a true diversity system contains a radio receiver that actually has two independent receiver sections, each with its own antenna (rather than a single receiver with one or two antennas), to pick up the transmission from a wireless microphone. The antennas are spaced apart on the unit, and by means of a comparison circuit the unit constantly polls the two receivers to select the one with the strongest signal. The result is an exceptionally stable signal, since the appearance of a dropout in both antennas at the same time is not likely under normal circumstances.


True diversity transmission range: up to 100 meter / 300 feet.

Clear VA LCD display of frequency, group, channel and AF/RF levels.

700 available UHF frequency channels.

Channel auto scan function.

Up to 8 systems can be used simultaneously.

Preset 4 frequency group containing 8 channels each.

The SQ control dial for adjusting the noise floor level.

MIC/LINE function for adjusting the audio output level.

Detachable receiver antennas for using of professional antenna systems.

Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4″ jack outputs.

Easy to be installed into a standard 19″ rack by rack ears.