PA Tech|Public Address Booster Amplifier|QSB-648E


Easy to Use

One XLR/Phone Jack Input

One XLR/Phone Jack Output

2 power sources: DC 24V and AC 230/115V 50/60Hz

Over temperature, over load, and speaker short protection

Sensitivity selection Switch

Speaker output: 8Ω, 70V and 100V

Standard 19” rack model




QSB-648E series booster amplifiers with 480W RMS. QSB-648E series is easy to use booster amplifier.

It has one phone jack and one XLR jack as input; and the same as output. And there is one screw speaker output terminal for the direct connection to 8 ohm, or 70V, or 100V speaker.  There is only one set of LED as power on and level indicators on the front panel.

On the rear panel the sensitivity selection switch is for the sensitivity 100mV or 1V selection.  Beside the switch, there is one gain control for the input signal adjustment.  Besides 115 / 230V AC power source, QSM-648E series booster amplifier also accept DC 24V battery power source as backup power.

To ensure the amplifier working normally and safe operation, it has speaker short, over temperature, and overload protection function.  It is simple and easy to use booster amplifier.