PA Tech|Public Address Mixer Pre Amplifier|QSM-60V


11 channel inputs: MIC x 5, AUX x 3, CD, Tuner, and Chime

Phantom Power Switch

Up to 3 mute priorities: Chime, MIC 1, MIC 2

2 power sources: DC 24V and AC 230/115V 50/60Hz

2-color LED indicator for each input signal. Green is normal input, red is clipping

Master volume, Bass, and Treble control for the output

Record output

Standard 19” rack model

1U height




QSM-60V is a versatile and convenient Pre-mixer Amplifier. It accepts 11 input sources covering 5 MIC, 3 AUX, CD, Tuner, and Chime input. Signal from MIC 1, MIC 2, and Chime will activate mute function, which will mute the signal from other channels. The mute priority is Chime, MIC 1, and MIC 2.

It employs high performance circuit, that makes its S/N ratio is better than 65dB and less than 0.1% of THD. Besides AC power source, QSM-60V has DC 24V input power screw connector as backup power source.

On the front panel, above each volume control, LED lights green to indicate input signal source; and when the signal is over, it will light red. QSM-60V is the ideal and convenient pre-mixer amplifier for multi-input source application.