Q&D|Line Array Column Speaker | QP-8


Line Array Column Speaker QP-8

Balancing overall noise volume,reducing the reverberation and echo by Traditional Speaker

Improve STIPA* Index,to improve Speech Intelligibility




Perfect Integration of technique and art

Sound expressing absolutely is the advantage of QP and SWP. The delicate degree, clearance, dynamic range, and directivity of the sound all can easily meet the needs of art performance interpretation.

High adaptability to installation site

Built-in DAP audio processing software can make you as the engineer adjust, according to the acoustic characteristics in installation site, and help you use the simplest way to reach the perfect sound easily in every case.


Music band

Lecture conference/piano pub

Small concert party

Large lecture hall/ education application


* Speech Transmission Index for Public Address *

STIPA (Speech Transmission Index for Public Address) is the physical amount that measures the comprehensible comprehension of speech. According to the relevant standards, the language unit (sentence, word or syllable) issued by the speaker, through the sound transmission system, to examine the rate of correct recognition of the listener, the result is speech transmission index.