Terms and Conditions

Order Confirmation

  1. By submitting your order on this Website, you agree to accept these Terms of Sale and to be legally bound by them. If you do not wish to accept these Terms of Sale, please do not submit any order through this Website.
  2. After you placed an order to purchase Goods from Sunrise Trading Company through the Website shopping cart, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from Sunrise Trading Company confirming receipt of your order. Your receipt of such email, however, does not signify Sunrise Trading Company’s acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. While we generally will use our best effort to satisfy your order, we may choose not to accept any order or limit any order quantity due to shortage of stock, pricing, delivery or other errors, failure to verify or process payment or for any other reasons, even if you have made payment to Sunrise Trading Company. Sunrise Trading Company may require additional qualifying information prior to accepting or processing any order.
  3. If Sunrise Trading Company declines your order, Sunrise Trading Company will notify you by using the e-mail address you provided during your registration onto this Website or by phone within two working days after you placed the order. If payment was made and your order is cancelled, Sunrise Trading Company will refund the appropriate amount of the charge to your credit card.
  4. If you do not receive any email or phone call from Sunrise Trading Company informing you the cancellation of your order within 2 working days after you placed the order, your order is deemed to be accepted by Sunrise Trading Company.
  5. Sunrise Trading Company Products purchase within Hong Kong will only be shipped or delivered within Hong Kong.
  6. A legally binding contract will be formed once you received of our Order Confirmation in respect of such Products.


  1. All Pieces are in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). Upon our receipt of full payment of the Products, we will arrange delivery of such physical products or notify you for the goods collection.
  2. Sunrise Trading Company reserves the right to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur. In the event of a pricing error, we will notify you of the error and allow you to either proceed with the transaction at the correct price or cancel your order at no cost to you.
  3. You may pay for your order of the Goods with a major credit card issued in Hong Kong, with billing address in Hong Kong. Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal Debit Card Via PayPal payment system, & Fast Pay System (FPS). (Please refer to PayPal for detail T&C)
  4. You hereby represent and warrant that you are the legitimate holder or authorized user of the credit card that you use for payment of the Goods. You shall be responsible for notifying your bank for any changes to your record, or loss, or unauthorized use of your credit card.
  5. All the payment transaction authorization on this Website uses PayPal Online Card Payment Services.

In case of any dispute, Sunrise Trading Company reserves the right of the final decision and interpretation of the terms elaborated in this Privacy Policy.

Sunrise Trading Company reserves the right to make any changes and corrections to this website and to these terms of use as and when it considers appropriate and without any notice.

This English version of the Terms and Conditions is a translation of the Chinese version. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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